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autumn winter 2019

Our Autumn Collection is inspired by the desire for clothes which are no longer bound to a season. Answered through strong silhouettes with fabrics that are lightweight and comfortable to wear we  design garments for harmonious living. Animal and plant fibres are thoughtfully woven and knitted into resilient cloths which breathe with the body in celebration of the Earths finest and renewable resources. 

This Autumn Winter we are discovering degrees of texture and tone to find the perfect navy blue which exists between day and night to contrast with the cool clarity of iced whites. Playfully layering handwoven khadi cotton next to sumptuous cashmere knits alongside hand-fringed tweed we define a Bamford style of dressing- the timeless combination of texture, form and tone. Using technical expertise in sustainable materials we have sourced air-blown cashmere to rest delicately on the skin and introduced intricately woven textiles which move easily between home and travel. With a continued focus on versatile, quality clothing this collection blends contemporary design with excellent craftsmanship. 

We approach deep winter with optimism to recharge and restore the spirit by contrasting bright cobalt blues with rich ruby red. The pleasure of wearing a sweater created by the careful hands of our knitters in Scotland celebrated the time honoured skills of our makers and we are comforted in the knowledge that each piece which will last for many years. 

We believe wellness is a state of confidence in what we wear and the true pleasure exists in the traceability of each garment we create. Using only sustainably sourced natural ingredients from plant fibres and animals we continue to work alongside small family businesses to offer you our timeless wardrobe essentials. 

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