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autumn winter 2020

Inspired by the raw elements found in Nature our Autumn Winter Collection is designed with the health and importance of our soil front of mind. Rich earth tones of peat, truffle and chalk are the cornerstones of our colour story.

This season we have developed materials focused on the natural colours of the animal. In Scotland we have worked with a yarn spinner to create a unique palette combining the natural colours of Cashmere fibre. This is a highly environmentally aware process which retains and celebrates the purity of colour, the soft natural handle, the breathability and durability of this unique fibre. While in Italy we have used an innovative process to select the rich chestnut shades of the Merino fleece to weave contemporary structures in fabric form. From Peru we have sourced the natural biscuit shades of Alpaca to wrap ourselves for travel and home. We have complimented these swathes of natural fibres with accents of vibrant rosehip orange, deep hues of elderberry and modern khaki greens.

This collection is designed to transition effortlessly between the landscapes of our daily lives.

From the deep thickets of Scotland to the stimulating horizons of India, this Autumn Winter we further develop our commitment to people and planet living in harmony. In both Home textiles and Clothing we explore our deep appreciation and connection to regional craftspeople to reimagine their ancient skills.

We commenced this Winter collection by reminding ourselves of the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of Scotland. Combining ancient craft with modern design we are in awe of the unchanged traditional manufacturing processes that have been passed down through families. Amidst a world of change and technology, our environmental and social values are ingrained into each knit and purl stitch, each warp and weft, as the slow craftsmanship of everything we create remains true and alive in all that we do.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys it- self ”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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