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autumn winter 2021

Our Autumn Winter ’21 capsule collection asserts a quiet strength and commitment to the planet as we update and renew minimalist and comforting styles from our archive. Our primary passion is for the environment and our secondary goal is to harness the historical expertise of craftspeople to make beautiful clothes.

During these recent uncertain times we chose to slow down, reflect and rediscover the storytelling and spiritual guidance of our ancestors. We studied the joyous art of 18th and 19th Century Mezzaro paintings, large natural dye printed cotton shawls often decorated with a flowering tree at the centre deeply reminding us of how humans intrinsically work in harmony with nature.

One particular Mezzaro textile has inspired our colour palette of sensual wild berry, juniper and heather hues. From the regrowth of the roots emerging from the tree of life at the centre of the painting, to the butterflies, red squirrels and birds rising from the hedgerows we have been encouraged and inspired to develop a collection that similarly honours and celebrates nature.

Soft doves and birch textures spun from regeneratively farmed silks and traceable wool unite to form a thoughtful and resolved capsule of simple clothes and textiles that are an extension of who we are and what we believe in. This offering conveys an airy feeling of lightness- soft unlined double-faced outerwear contrasted with smooth organic cotton shirts and tactile heritage knits. Sporty yet elegant stand collars contrasted with feminine hand smocked details answers our quest for a versatile and practical wardrobe.

Ever committed to sustainable practices, we challenge ourselves to design clothing and home textiles that can act as a force for change as we champion indigenous, holistic and sustainable farming methods. A return to agricultural methods in the textile industry that will help heal the planet and put an end to soil depletion. As we continue to challenge and raise the curtain of transparency, we are able to address the welfare of animals, husbandry of the land and good soil health with even more scrutiny.

Reducing our carbon footprint in the clothing industry is simply not enough, we must act responsibly in order to allow our soils to sequester carbon.

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