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spring summer 2021

The miracle of nature the symbiosis of seeds, water, sunlight, soil, insects, microbes, and minerals all manifesting into nourishment while creating materials for all of life to thrive. Recent times have confronted us with the truths of our interconnectedness to nature and the fragility of human kind. Yet as the mist lifts over the wildflowers, we are reminded that the whole planet is one giant, living, breathing organism.

This collection seeks never to stop making beautiful things; but to harness beauty as our voice of activism. Less and better, minimal and exceptional, sustainable and intuitive, we serve to make clothes and textiles with quality that will stand the test of time.

Emphasis in 2021 is on timeless designs, as we delve into our clothing archive to breathe new life into shapes that we know will last. Gently tinted in pale bluebells, sultry inks and pure ecru, we find peace and quiet in the history of our honest and comfortable silhouettes. Referencing the past to leap forward into the future where multifunction, elegant forms and natural fibres endure. Organic crunchy cottons and linen have tactility and characteristics that will wash, wear and improve with age whereas our cashmere knits are generous, sensual and comforting. Here is a new wardrobe that eliminates all excess and focuses on necessity, finding the pleasure in details that carry the memories of the skilled artisans who have contributed to the making of it.

The heightened sense of purpose and sustainable action when designing clothes is prevalent in this collection as we intensify our relationships with our supply chains. Humans connecting with humans, developing textiles to a sense of integrity and community. Reviving the resilience in our heartfelt collaborations with artisan networks of weavers and knitters, we realign and pave the way to celebrate the magic of craft.

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