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spring summer 2020

Inhale…. Exhale.

The first breath of spring fills our bodies with balance and optimism.

As the rain settles and the first new shoots of Spring peep up through the soil, we rediscover the allure of the outdoors and the magnificence of nature. A time to cherish the abundance of light and wonder along the seashore. A time to be childlike and inquisitive, collecting beautiful shells and carving our names into the sand. Our Spring Summer collection is born from a desire to explore.

Travel a little, laugh a lot.

While we journey away from urban spaces, through the countryside and to the coast, we have been inspired by the purity of apple greens and fresh limes. Through hand block printing and stitching we cherish the powerful benefits our creators bring to the clothes that we wear. Know that each piece has passed through the hands of artisans with our shared love for the slow process of age-old textile techniques. Trace your fingers over the surface of washed silks and lightweight knits, this collection is designed to swaddle us in the gentle textures of summer.

Prosperity and Progress.

Much like the progress of Spring, we too continue to make progress in our collections whilst we harness the materials that nature has provided with the sincerest respect for the trees, plants, animals and people on which we share the land. We have worked conscientiously to keep pioneering change in the agriculture for textiles materials with our use of organic cotton in the range being more prevalent than ever before.

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SS20: Work
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